whoami? 🤖

As of 2023, not sure

I'm a 28-year-old Spanish Staff Software Engineer living in Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪

A photo of me

Hi, I'm a human originally from Cordoba, Spain, living in Berlin, Germany for the past five years.

Currently, I'm working at Factorial HR as a Staff Software Engineer II, where I'm exploring ways to give developers superpowers, especially through crafting novel interfaces, butter-smooth abstractions, and mom-like support. I love challenging myself with different tech and crafting projects.

  • Photography As an accomplished photographer, I have a passion for capturing moments and telling stories through my images
  • Manual craft (arts) Alongside my software engineering and photography work, I'm into generative arts. I enjoy exploring different techniques and tools to create unique pieces of art that challenge traditional perceptions of art. My babies are 3 penplotters and 2 laser cutters.
  • Symbiotism.org In addition to my professional work, I've co-founded two ventures, Geilo.co and Symbiotism.org. Symbiotism.org is an interdisciplinary artist's collective that contributes to AI and events for major festivals such as Fusion and Modem, while Geilo.co is currently a project on maintanace for only 3 active companies

As most of humans, I play with AI 🤖 here it is a technical presentation of myself generated by ChatGPT (which nailed it!).